twins SESAME x2

This year we celebrate the 35th anniversary of our successful sesame production! On this special occasion, we have designed brand new products. SESAME SNACK x2, i.e. two sesame snacks in one simple package with rectangular cuts that make it easier to split it into smaller pieces. Perfectly tailored proportions of additives combined with sesame seeds create wonderful flavour compositions. They are just simply exquisite.

Today we offer you 4 products:

SESAME x2  Cannabis 

We just flew into the heavens in awe. Try this original combination that has conquered taste buds all over the world! 

SESAME x2 Nut & cocoa

Nuts & cocoa mixed with sesame seeds create your favourite flavour? Taste our sesame snacks and get an unforgettable taste experience. 

SESAME  x2  Cranberries and honey

It had to work. The sweetness of honey combined with sour cranberries create a delicious and healthy flavour composition. You will certainly reach for it more than once!

SESAME x Black & white

Black & white is a classic that always works.We won't reveal anything else! You just have to try it yourself!


All business matters are supervised by Mrs. Karolina MĹ‚ynarczak, who will provide you with all the information regarding the sale of our standard and new products and our own brand possibilities.

Contact data:, tel. +48  503 130 342.

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